We Don't Sell Products, We Help Create A Plan For YOU.
We Don't Sell Products, We Help Create A Plan For YOU.

Kris Montgomery

Kris Montgomery moved to Florida, in 2011 from Indianapolis, Indiana. Kris has always had an aspiration to help people.  From Boy Scouts to volunteering at Goodwill, he gets real satisfaction from knowing he was able to help and have an impact on people's lives.

Kris was born and raised in Indiana. His father and mother moved to Florida in 2010. Soon after, Kris finished with college in 2011 and moved as well. Kris also has an older brother, Kyle. Out of Kris’ family of four, three of them are in the Financial Services Industry with over 25 years of experience. He has been exposed to first hand learning about insurance from a very young age. This lead to his decision to make insurance his career.

Kris' goal is to sit down with you and work together to find options and solutions to prepare you for the uncertain future. Helping someone prepare a plan that meets their specific goals is his mission because no two situations are the same.

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